Turning Work Into a 5-star Holiday!


11292959_471109899718135_1982608680_n[1]While Mom and I were down in Spain attending the Travel Blogger Conference #TBEX, we stayed at Hotel Rigat. The conference took up most of our time, but returning to Rigat after a late #TBEX party seriously felt like going home. It’s got that cozy, home feeling with all the attention to detail in the carpets, authentic furniture and small decorations.

11291914_471109856384806_119349483_n[1] 11263844_471109973051461_807768632_n[1]

Staying at the Hotel Rigat was a vacation in itself. The place was like a museum I could spend hours exploring. I felt like every time I entered a new room I was stepping into a new hotel. Each one had a different design and feel to it, with so much attention paid to the little details.

11289816_471109889718136_1019017106_n[1] 11273310_471109936384798_1520925402_n[1]

My favorite room by far was the one with an entirely ivy roof, where you could sit and look out over the ocean.

11292686_471109916384800_673234139_n[1] 11256488_471109896384802_520156080_n[1]

There was so much to…

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